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38% of Australian Tyres Need Replacing


According to an independent car insurer Youi, their report found that the majority of crashes on Australian roads tend to be rear end collisions, around 23%. 11% of which are directly reported as a loss of control on the road.

This report brought Kumho Tyres to hold their own research to find what the percentage of cars on Australian roads need new tyres. 38% of Australian tyres are unsafe to drive on which need replacements as soon as possible and around 9% being completely unroadworthy.

This is a timely reminder to check your own tyres before heading out in these winter months. Steps you can do to check your tyres:

  1. Check your tyre pressure
  2. Check tread depth to make sure it is above the 1.6mm roadworthy requirement
  3. Replace worn tyres before they become an issue.

Mobile Tyre Shop stresses the importance of checking your tyres before you go on a road trip but really it is much more than that. Regular tyre checkups are required to maintain your own safety on Australian roads coming into the winter months. Mobile Tyre Shop recommends that you check your tyres every 3 trips to the petrol station. It only takes a few seconds to do a visual inspection while filling up with fuel and it can greatly help your safety on the roads.

With the hopes of lowering the road toll in Australia, Mobile Tyre Shop always checks all their customers wheels when completing a job free of charge. This is to make sure that our customers are completely safe on the roads.

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