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Do you need a wheel alignment?

If your car is starting to veer to one side on the road and your steering wheel is starting to stray away from centre then it looks like you are due for a wheel alignment. Most likely this has occurred due to a recent hitting of a pothole or a curb while parking.

Wheel alignments are a fairly simple and cost effective, but first there are a few things to check before you commit to spending money.

1. Check your tyre pressure

Tyres that are underinflated can cause your vehicle to pull to one side. If a tyre is underinflated it can wear out much faster than the others and also sag your car to one side of the road, this is the first thing to check if you feel like your vehicle might need a wheel alignment.

2. Inspect your tyres

Check the tyre tread on each of your tyres, if the tread on one of your tyres has the tread only worn off on one side of the tyre then you most likely will need a wheel alignment. Another is if one side of the car is wearing through the tread much faster than the other side.

Wheel alignments won’t fix vibrations in your drive, vibrations are usually caused by the wheels being bent or out of balance or even your suspension. If you are feeling vibrations when you drive you should take your car to a wheel or suspension specialist to check out why it is vibrating.

How often should you get your wheels aligned?

There is no set time for a wheel alignment on vehicles and really depends on how you drive your vehicle. If your car is driving as straight as an arrow then your wheels are most likely aligned propely, if it isn’t then it is worth checking out with Mobile Tyre Shop when we can come to your home or work and do a wheel alignment for you with the purchase of tyres.

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