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Top 4 Reasons To Buy Premium Tyres

People often see cheaper tyres as an easy fix to tyres that are coming to an end of their lifespan. However, in the long run premium tyres can actually turn out to be a cheaper alternative whilst increasing safety and performance.

Here are the top 5 reasons to purchase premium tyres:

  1. Save money on fuel

Premium tyres tend to have a much better fuel efficiency rating than budget tyres. To simplify the explanation these premium tyres are designed to reduce the resistance of your vehicle and the road. The less resistance there is between the car and the road the less energy the engine outputs. So having a less resistance tyre means you save fuel on the energy outputted.

  1. Premium tyres are Longer Lasting.

Much like handbags or watches it is usually the more expensive brands that last longer and have a longer life. The premium tyre brands are made out of higher quality material and can last longer to wear down over budget brands, meaning you are actually spending less for the days you have used the tyres compared to budget.

  1. Shorter Distances to Stop

Thanks to Australian weather conditions we all know that it can be sunny in one moment but a torrential downpour the next. In this wet weather the premium tyres really stand out. Stopping distances in wet weather conditions can be the difference between a minor prang and major collision. As mentioned in a previous blog, the difference in tyre ratings can mean as much as 15 metres difference when coming to a stop on wet roads.

  1. More traction on the road and better handling

Premium brand tyres are built to last and millions of dollars have gone into developing them to be the best they can be. They cost the amount they do because of this.


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