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Mobile Tyre Shop Goodyear Cargo Tyres

The Goodyear Cargo range of tyres is designed specifically for heavier vehicles, and provides a variety of benefits for drivers who spend a lot of time behind the wheel. If you run heavier vehicles in your business and can’t afford to have them off the road for very long, Mobile Tyre Shop will bring your Cargo Vectors to you. You’ll get them at a highly competitive price, and we’ll fit and balance them onsite at a location that’s convenient for you.


  • The Cargo Vector – with its superior traction in rain, slush and snow
  • The Cargo Marathon – with its low noise levels and excellent grip on slippery roads
  • The Cargo G26, with its superb traction and stability, and even wear for long tyre life.

Why we’re good for business

At Mobile Tyre Shop, we’re all about convenience. We know that Melbourne drivers hate the inconvenience that getting new tyres can involve. And it’s even worse when a business is inconvenienced, because time off the road is money out of pocket.

So rather than asking you to come to us for your tyres, we come to you at a time and place that suits your busy schedule. It could be your home, your place of business, a car park, or even onsite while you’re working. Providing there’s room around your vehicle, we can fit and balance your tyres anywhere, and even do an optional wheel alignment.

Our mobile service includes onsite fitting, electronic balancing, replacement of valves and weights and even eco-friendly disposal of your old tyres and our expert fitters can usually get the job done in just one hour.

Save time and money with Mobile Tyre Shop

Whether you want Goodyear Cargos or any of our other leading brand tyres such as Dunlop, Pirelli, Continental, Yokohama or Bridgestone, here’s all you do to have us come to you.
Simply fill out our online free quote page, and we’ll do the rest for you.

Time is money in business, and we won’t waste a minute of yours. So give us a call at Mobile Tyre Shop, the tyre-fitting experts who come to you wherever is best for you in Melbourne.

Call Now: 1300 687 000
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