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175 70 R14


The fuel-saving tyre built for today’s family and city cars

Category: Touring

Greater fuel efficiency and mileage - Reduce your fuel costs with the tyre that rolls easily. The DuraGrip’s equalized pressure distribution results in better fuel efficiency and a longer lasting tyre.
Responsive handling - Goodyear’s 3D-BIS Technology® increases rubber-to-road contact for improved handling. The asymmetric tread pattern features a stiff shoulder area to help you corner with confidence.
High aquaplaning resistance - The DuraGrip’s tread is designed to quickly disperse water in wet conditions, reducing the risk of aquaplaning.
Quiet ride - Enjoy a quiet, comfortable ride. Tread and block patterns are optimized to reduce tyre noise levels.

Load Index: 84
Speed Rating: S
I Need     Tyres
1x Tyre $218 each
2x Tyres $196 each
3x Tyres $174 each
4x Tyres $163 each
5x Tyres $163 each
Total Cost  $163

All prices are fully inclusive of onsite fitting, balancing, GST, new valves and caps together with the recycling of your old tyres

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