195 65 R15

Energy Saver+

The safe, long-lasting & fuel efficient tyre

Category: Touring

Optimised Profile - Optimised Profile, bringing less heat build-up in the rubber.
Eco N Grip - The new patented ECO'N'GRIP technology uses a formula that improves molecular cohesion and limits heat build-up in the tyre.
Inner Layer - INNER LAYER, a layer of polymers underneath the tread improves rolling resistance and reduces energy consumption.

Load Index: 91
Speed Rating: H
I Need     Tyres
1x Tyre $229 each
2x Tyres $207 each
3x Tyres $185 each
4x Tyres $174 each
5x Tyres $174 each
Total Cost  $174

All prices are fully inclusive of onsite fitting, balancing, GST, new valves and caps together with the recycling of your old tyres

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