295 45 R20

Latitude Sport 3

Acclaimed for its driving dynamics and safety.

Category: High Performance SUV

Engineered to Excel in Wet Conditions - 2.70 meters shorter braking distance compared to its predecessor thanks to a new tread compound and increased void ratio.
Fuel Saving - 25% Lower rolling resistance
10% Better Longevity - An innovative tread rubber compound, made of a mix of silica and the latest generation of elastomers, offering an excellent level of mileage performance with no compromise on safety and fuel economy.

Load Index: 110
Speed Rating: Y
I Need     Tyres
1x Tyre $664 each
2x Tyres $642 each
3x Tyres $620 each
4x Tyres $609 each
5x Tyres $609 each
Total Cost  $609

All prices are fully inclusive of onsite fitting, balancing, GST, new valves and caps together with the recycling of your old tyres

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