275 70 R16


For your city commute and light off-road journeys. The LTX Force SUV tyre handles it all.

Category: Off Road 4WD

CushionGuard: A layer of special filtering rubber minimizes vibrations/shocks from the road.
BevelTread: A rounded sloping edge cuts the peaks of noise power at the frequency which is sensitive to human ears to provide a peaceful ride.
RallyForce: The rubber compound is derived from WRC competition tyre provides more wear resistance in off-road use.
Shoulder traction design: Deep and open shoulder design providing large biting surfaces, giving more traction and cut-chip resistance in off-road use.
Extended sidewall biting edge: Additional 1.5mm of rubber thickness provides additional bite forces and cut-chip resistance in off-road use.

Load Index: 114
Speed Rating: T
I Need     Tyres
1x Tyre $388 each
2x Tyres $366 each
3x Tyres $344 each
4x Tyres $333 each
5x Tyres $333 each
Total Cost  $333

All prices are fully inclusive of onsite fitting, balancing, GST, new valves and caps together with the recycling of your old tyres

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