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205/55 R16
205/55 R16

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Hankook – Kinergy EX (185/70 R14) 88 T

Kinergy EX

Kinergy EXKinergy EX

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Product description

Kinergy EX

1. Shoulder Groove Width Design
– Optimised shoulder groove design helps to prevent unwanted road noise while driving
– Grove width variation improves water drainage and maximises wet condition performance
2. Pitch Design
– An optimal 5 pitch tread design reduces noise
3. VNT (Visual Noise Technology)
Visual simulation analysis technology

New Silica Compound Application
– Rolling REsistance is lowered through use of an advanced silica tread compound for improved vehicle fuel efficiency

1. Optimal Sipe Design Technology
– Advanced tread block and sipe designs are incorporated for improved tractin and comfort
2. Vibration & Noise Technology
– Unwanted noise and vibration are reduced by optimising the tyre’s contact with the road surface

Safe & Joyful
1. VAI system
– A visual Alignment Indicator System allows drivers to check vehicle alignment by comparing tyre’s interior and exterior wear condition easily
2. Optimal 4-Grooves
– An optimal 4 Groove design improves wet condition braking and traction performance
3. Wide Tread Width
– Wide tread width design maximises handling and braking ability

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