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Originally founded in 1941 under the name Chosun Tyre Company were the first automobile tyre company in Korea, they changed their name to Hankook in 1953. Throughout the ’60s and 70’s the company grew in line with Korea’s rapidly expanding economy.

Constructed in 1979, it’s Daejon facility helped sped up research, development and production of its tyres especially radial tyres. Then in 1982 Hankook established it’s research centre in Daejon which helped strengthen it’s high-tech manufacturing capabilities.

Throughout the 1990s Hankook expanded and established technology research centres in the US, Germany and China. In 2001 they built a distribution centre in Europe and a tyre production plant in Hungary in 2006. Around this time they created their brand slogan Driving Emotion and partnered with Audi, following this they expanded further by building production facilities in China and Indonesia.

For over 70 years Hankook have been on the cutting edge of tyre technology and are committed to developing the driving experiences of customers worldwide.

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