We’ve taken the hassle out of buying tyres by bringing the tyre shop to you

Same Tyres

We supply the worlds best brands and models of tyres at surprisingly competitive prices. Our Tyre Specialists can assist you with your tyre purchase to either match your existing tyres or alternative options to suit your budget, driving style and safety requirements.

Same Price

Although our service is convenient it won’t cost you more than at a regular tyre shop or garage! Our prices include onsite fitting, computerised balancing, new valves and weights and the recycling of your old tyres.

Way More Convenient

Busy families don’t have the time to sit around in draughty old workshops waiting for their tyres to be done.  Especially on Saturdays, when there’s footy training, netball, shopping…  and the dog needs to go to the vet.  Too much hassle!  Now they can easily choose their tyres online or over the phone with our qualified tyre specialists.

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