We’ve taken the wait and the inconvenience out of buying tyres by bringing the tyre shop to you

Search our comprehensive range of the great brands at great prices, then simply choose your tyres online or over the phone with our tyre specialists.

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Mobile Tyre Shop comes to you at home, work – just about anywhere, professionally fitting and balancing the tyres you have selected.

The Mobile Tyre Shop fleet is on the road seven days a week.

Want tyres without the hassle? Let us know what time suits you, and you can be confident there’ll be a mobile tyre shop heading your way soon.

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We supply the world’s best brands and models of tyres at surprisingly competitive prices. Our Tyre Specialists can assist you with your tyre purchase to either match your existing tyres or alternative options to suit your budget, driving style and vehicle requirements.

Great Price
Although our service is convenient it won’t cost you more than at a regular tyre shop or garage! Our prices include onsite fitting, computerised balancing, new valves and weights and the recycling of your old tyres.

Far More Convenient
Busy families don’t have the time to sit around in draughty old workshops waiting for their tyres to be done.  Especially on Saturdays, when there’s footy training, netball, shopping…  and the dog needs to go to the vet.  Too much hassle!  Now they can easily choose their tyres online or over the phone with our qualified tyre specialists.

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Don't put off getting new tyres when the safety of your family depends on it.

No other factor affects the stopping distance of your car more than the condition of your tyres. So when it's time to change them, don't wait until it's too late. Contact Mobile Tyre Shop today and we'll deliver and fit new tyres to your car at home, work or anywhere within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Measure the state of your tyres is relatively straight forward. Simply measure the depth of the shallowest channel in the tread. If you have more than 3mm, your tyres are safe. Between 3mm and 1.6mm is worn and needs replacing. While less than 1.6mm is dangerous and unroadworthy. If you're in doubt about how to check the safety of your tyres, call the friendly team at Mobile Tyre Stop. We'll be happy to guide you.

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