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Mud tyres, also known as off-road tyres, are special tyres designed for driving in muddy and challenging terrains. They have a unique tread pattern with deep, wide grooves and big lugs or blocks. 

This design helps the tyres dig into the mud, providing better traction and grip. Mud tyres also have wider channels between the tread blocks, which helps them self-clean by pushing out the mud and preventing it from getting stuck. 

The sturdy construction and reinforced sidewalls of mud tyres make them more durable and resistant to punctures or damage from rough terrain. These tyres are commonly used on SUVs, and off-road vehicles to navigate through muddy trails, rocky surfaces, and other challenging off-road conditions. I

t’s important to note that mud tyres may produce more noise and have a rougher ride on paved roads compared to regular tyres. Therefore, they are primarily recommended for off-road adventures and not for everyday street driving.

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