Frequently Asked Questions

Your Tyre Fitting Appointment

Can I change the date or time of my appointment?
We will always try our best to accommodate any changes to the booking date or time. To change your appointment please contact our Customer Support Office on either 1300 687 000 or Contact Us

How long will it take to change my tyres?
It generally takes around an hour to change 4 tyres.

Fitting Location Requirements

How much space do we require to fit your tyres?
We need to be able to get access to both sides of the car, and be able to park our bright yellow and white van near to where the vehicle is parked. Driveways or car parks are ideal, providing there is sufficient space around the vehicle.

I have an inclined driveway is this OK to work on?
Yes, in most circumstances. If there is any doubt as to the suitability or safety of the proposed location we may ask you to move the vehicle to a more suitable location.

Is there anywhere you can’t fit tyres?
Only areas that represent a danger to you, our technicians or members of the public. If there is any doubt as to the suitability or safety of the proposed location we may ask you to move the vehicle to a more suitable location.

Warranties & Insurance

Do my tyres come with a warranty?
All tyres come with a manufacturer’s warranty against any manufacturing defect (materials or workmanship) – for more details on our warranty & insurance policies see here.

Are you insured while working on my vehicle?
Mobile Tyre Shop are completely insured and hold public liability insurance for up to $20 million.

Tyre Disposal

How are my old tyres disposed of?
As a member of Tyre Stewardship Australia, we ensure that your tyres are environmentally recycled.

What do they do with this recycled rubber?
The number of modern applications that utilise recycled rubber is increasing. This product may be used in items such as sporting and playground surfaces, building insulation, tile adhesives, civil engineering applications and even new tyre manufacture.

When Do Tyres Need Replacing?

Mobile Tyre Shop recommends replacing tyres prior to the tread wearing down to the Tread Depth Indicators.  Once the tread has worn to this level, tyres are unroadworthy and must be changed. In the absence of tread depth indicators, the minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.5mm.

Tread depth is measured from the base of the groove to the top of the tread, at the lowest (most worn) tread area of the tyre. Tyres may also need replacing if there are any cracks, impact damage and even some punctures.

What Areas Do Mobile Tyre Shop Service?

Mobile Tyre Shop have Australia’s largest network of mobile tyre service vehicles.  We service Melbourne, Sydney, Central Coast, Wollongong, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide and Perth.

If you find you are outside our listed service area, we encourage you to contact us by live chat, or call us on 1300 687 000 and we will make every effort to try and accomodate you.

What Types Of Vehicles Can Have New Tyres Fitted By Mobile Tyre Shop?

Our bright yellow and white service vans are fully equiped with the latest Italian machinery to replace and tyres on all passenger vehicles, 4 wheel drives and light commercial vehicles.  As a rough guide, we can service any vehicle that can be driven on a regular driver’s license.

Are There Any Extra Costs?

The total cost will be quoted prior to booking, or if you are booking online, the price listed during the checkout process will include all costs.  These include GST, onsite fitting, and dynamic wheel balancing.

What Is Balancing?

Included in the standard mobile tyre service, wheel balancing is essential when any new tyres are fitted to ensure they rotate freely. This saves you fuel, tyre wear and makes for a more comfortable ride!

Wheels that are not balanced properly will cause your steering wheel to vibrate, giving you less control as a driver.

What Information Do I Need To Book Online?

You will need to know your tyre size but you can search for this via your number plate on our site. Simply enter it into the registration search box along with your state in the dropdown and we’ll find your factory fitted tyre size.

Alternatively you can input your tyres size directly into our site, this is marked on the side wall of each of your tyres. For a guide to help you with this, you’ll find a short video guide if you click here.

If you need assistance with this, our Tyre Specialists are available to assist on live chat, or call us on 1300 687 000

What Happens To The Old Tyres?

Included Free in your quote is the cost for disposal of your used tyres.  On completion of the job, our Tyre Technician will take them away recycling.

Mobile Tyre Shop is accredited by Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) so you can rest assured that they will be disposed of in the most environmentally way.  For more information, click here.

How To Read The Size Of My Tyres?

Your tyre size is always written as a sequence of numbers and letters on the tyre sidewall. In the example below we will use a tyre size  185/55 R15 81H – which can split into 5 parts:

  • Width (185) – the width of your tyre in millimetres
  • Profile (55)- This is the size between wheel rim and the top of the tyre, measured as a percentage of the tyre width
  • Tyre size (R15) – This is the diameter of the rim in inches
  • Load index (81) – this refers to the load capacity in kilograms of the tyre. This number is an index, with the number referring to a KG load.
  • Speed index (H) – this refers to the maximum speed the tyre can be safely driven at. This letter is an index, with the letter referring to a KPH speed.

For more information on reading the information on your tyre watch the video below or click here.

What Can I Do If I’ve Got The Wrong Tyre Size?

First, check again the tyre size on your current vehicle. If you’ve simply requested a tyre quote for what turns out to be the wrong size – don’t worry – just do another search with the correct tyre size.

If you have already placed an order and organised a fitting with the wrong sized tyre, then please contact us immediately. Our team may still be able to change the tyres we are sending out to you, but it’s important that you call us straight away to amend the order. It is your responsibility to make sure that you ordered the correct size or fitment.

A call out charge will be applied if our Tyre Technicians cannot fit your tyre due to incorrect tyre size being supplied.

The Tyre Brand I Want Isn’t Listed, What Can I Do?

Contact us by live chat, or call us on 1300 687 000 and our Tyre Specialist will do their best to source and supply your preferred brand. We carry all the major brands and most lesser know brands, so on the rare occasion it is not available, our Tyre Specialists will recommend an alternative.

What Are Your Opening Hours?

We are open from 8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday AEST.

Are The Mobile Tyre Shop Vans Equipped With The Right Tools For The Job?

All of the bright yellow and white Mobile Tyre Shop vans are equipped with Italian made state-of-the-art tyre changing machines that incorporate a pneumatic arm and bead raiser, tyre balancing machines and a compressor to inflate tyres. All of the equipment is similar to the equipment you would expect to see in a traditional tyre store, with the exception that we bring the tyre shop to you.

How Much Space Do You Need To Change A Tyre?

We need to be able to get access to both sides of the car, and be able to park our bright yellow and white van near to where the vehicle is parked. Driveways or car parks are ideal, providing there is sufficient space around the vehicle.

Can You Just Deliver My Tyres?

Yes we can deliver, but why wouldn’t you take advantage of our Free onsite fitting including dynamic wheel balancing and removal of your old tyres.

How Do You Balance My Wheels?

Every one of our bright yellow and white vans is equipped with an Italian made state-of-the-art balancing machine capable of balancing wheels from 10 inches all the way up to 30 inches in diameter!

What Balancing Weights Do You Use?

For steel wheels we will use uncoated weights, for alloy wheels we use coated stick-on weights. The wheels on many cars, including high performance vehicles, require stick-on weights that are not visible from the outside. At Mobile Tyre Shop we use stick-on weights, therefore ensuring that your wheels always look their best.

Do You Do Puncture Repairs?

Yes. All Mobile Tyre Shop vans are equipped with all the tools required to carry out puncture repairs in a manner required by the relevant state or territory requirements.

Read more about our puncture repair service here

Can My Puncture Be Repaired?

In most cases the tyre can be repaired providing we can repair the tyre in line with Australian Safety standards.  We are bound by the relevant state or territory regulations.

A puncture can only be repaired where the following criteria is met:

  • The puncture has occurred in the repairable zone highlighted in green (see below)
  • The puncture has a diameter of less than 6mm.
  • There is no evidence of internal or sidewall deterioration including splits, cuts or blistering.
  • There is no other puncture within the immediate area of the tyre.
  • The entry angle of the object allows for safe and proper seating of the patch.
  • The tyre is in an otherwise roadworthy condition.

Puncture Repair Zone

If you have a question that we haven’t answered here, simply give us a quick call on 1300 687 000 or contact us here and we’ll be happy to help.

Can you provide tyre services for my caravan or trailer?

Absolutely. We call it ‘our service without a hitch’.

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