We Stock all the Major Brands

  • Goodyear
  • Hankook
  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Kumho Tyres
  • Pirelli
  • Toyo
  • Bridgestone
  • Yokohama
  • Michelin

The concept behind Mobile Tyre Shop is quite simple, once you buy your tyres and book in a fitting, we come to you, wherever you live, work or play. Our vans are equipped with the most advanced European fitting technology and our fantastic tyre technicians provide an all-inclusive service, which includes fitting, computer balancing and replacement of your tyre’s valves and weights.  
Plus, we also remove and recycle your old tyres.  


We provide a mobile tyre fitting service in your driveway, at your work, or even in a car park. We replace your tyres wherever you want which allows you to get on with more the important things in life  

Getting brand new tyres has never been easier. 


We get that there a rare few who are truly passionate about tyres – we’re one of them. And for everyone else, you want getting tyres for your car to be completely hassle free. You’re in luck, no more waiting around in dirty tyre shops. At Mobile Tyre Shop we come to you. 
Supplied, Delivered & Fitted. 


We service all major cities and their suburbs; our vans travel around Australia offering you the complete tyre solution. Biggest tyre brands at your standard rates, delivered and fitted wherever you are. 

Replace your tyres in 3 easy steps


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We come to you

Our services include

Expert Tyre Fitting
Wheel Balancing
New Valves

Some FAQs around servicing Home and surrounds

How much space do we require to fit your tyres?
We need to be able to get access to both sides of the car and be able to park our bright yellow and white van near to where the vehicle is parked. Driveways or car parks are ideal, providing there is enough space around the vehicle.

I have an inclined driveway, is this OK to work on?
Yes, in most circumstances. If there is any doubt as to the suitability or safety of the proposed location, we may ask you to move the vehicle to a more suitable location.

Is there anywhere you can’t fit tyres?
Only areas that represent a danger to you, our technicians or members of the public. If there is any doubt as to the suitability or safety of the proposed location, we may ask you to move the vehicle to a more suitable location.

Your tyre size is always written as a sequence of numbers and letters on the tyre sidewall. In the example below we will use a tyre size 185/55 R15 81H – which can split into 5 parts:

  • Width (185) – the width of your tyre in millimetres
  • Profile (55)- This is the size between wheel rim and the top of the tyre, measured as a percentage of the tyre width
  • Tyre size (R15) – This is the diameter of the rim in inches
  • Load index (81) – this refers to the load capacity in kilograms of the tyre. This number is an index, with the number referring to a KG load.
  • Speed index (H) – this refers to the maximum speed the tyre can be safely driven at. This letter is an index, with the letter referring to a KPH speed.

For more information on reading the information on your tyre, click here.

The total cost will be quoted prior to booking, or if you are booking online, the price listed during the checkout process will include all costs. These include GST, onsite fitting, and dynamic wheel balancing.

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