Buying the best tyre for you

At Mobile Tyre Shop, we’re often asked what are the highest quality tyres to buy? But unfortunately, you can’t assess tyres the way you do many other things. Yes, you get what you pay form when it comes to rubber compounds and tread patters, but brand heritage, point of origin and many other factors all influence the price of a tyre. (Not to mention the excessive mark-ups and fitting fees charged by many of our competitors).

In Australia, a set of four new tyres can range from below $400 to well over $2,000. That’s serious cash. That’s why many people will say you should only buy the best, most reputable brands – and we stock all of Australia’s most trusted names like Michelin, Pirelli and Dunlop.

However, please keep in mind that ultimately, the right tyre for your car will be based upon your driving requirements as well as your budget. Here’s a quick run-down of what you get in a tyre for your money.


Budget Tyres


The cheaper tyre options are typically made by new brands in emerging markets.  As such, they are not as well known or well-proven. However, budget tyres can also be made/retrofitted by the more prominent tyre makers under another pseudonym in order to clear stock without discrediting or discounting their flagship products.

It is important to note that budget tyres must meet Australia’s strict Safety Standards and are reliable in both dry and wet conditions.

At Mobile Tyre shop, we proudly offer, deliver and fit MTS budget tyres to ensure you always have an affordable option at the times you can’t afford to compromise on your family’s safety.


Mid-Range tyres


Mid-range tyres perfectly balance performance and handling with price and availability. Many of the leading  brands make mid-range tyres and they are regularly OEM (original equipment manufacturer) on new vehicles.

Mid-range tyres are often premium tyres that have been on the market for a while and are now superseded by a newer model.


Premium Tyres


Premium tyres usually have the newest and most innovative designs and the latest compounds. As a result, they often have higher development costs and more specialised uses. Premium tyres will always be the best at what they do – from keeping a race car on the track at speed, to helping a 4×4 carve up an off-road track.

Premium and mid-range tyres are often developed with a specific purpose in mind and offer notable features that you may want to look out for next time you are shopping for tyres.


Off Road Tyres


If a tyre is listed as ‘off road’ it will have a deeper and more pronounced tread patterd making it perfect for driving through mud and sand. There are a few different types of off road tyres available, including hybrid 4×4 tyres (more suited for on road driving and light off road, such as unsealed roads), all terrain (these are for more aggressive off roading and are more suited for sand, unsealed road, gravel tracks compared to on road driving), mud terrain (as the name implies it is designed for harsh off roading tracks but are not suitable for lasting long for on road driving).


Run Flat Tyres


Some cars are not fitted with a spare tyre (crazy, some would say) you are required to fit them with a specific tyre that you can travel on even when it is deflated. These are called run flats. For more information visit our Definitive Guide to Run Flat Tyres. [INSERT LINK]


If you don’t know what sort of tyres to buy for your car, Mobile Tyre Shop is here to help you make an informed and confident choice. We are 100% independent (which means we are not owned by any of the big brands), so our advice is always impartial and based upon your requirements. Plus, we are the largest mobile tyre store in Australia, so we have access to the widest range of brands.

So get in touch!

Our tyre specialists are available 7 days a week to recommend the tyres that will suit your Car, 4WD or Van best at a variety of price points. Our aim is to always give you the greatest choice while saving you money and time.







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