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The most important tyre in your car is your spare tyre. Without it, you can’t change a flat tyre and may find yourself stranded. So it’s very important to regularly check the condition of your spare and make sure it has adequate tread and enough air in it to be useful in an emergency.

You should also check that the equipment needed to change a tyre is readily accessible in your boot or wheel well. This should at the bare minimum include a wheel spanner and a reliable jack.

If you need new tyres – including a new spare tyre – Mobile Tyre Shop has all the major brands available. These include Dunlop, Goodyear, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Yokohama, and Continental, and all at highly competitive prices.

Why Mobile Tyre Shop?

Why choose us? Because we’ve taken the hassle out of buying new tyres. Instead of calling dealers and wading through catalogues, we provide an easy online free quote option that you can access at any time. And instead of interrupting your busy schedule to sit in a dealer’s waiting room while your tyres are fitted, we come to you at a time and place that suits you to fit and balance your tyres.

Mobile Tyre Shop was started in 2012, and we won the Small Business Success awards in the same year. Now we’re Melbourne’s preferred mobile tyre fitting service, with a network of mobile vans and fitters covering all of Melbourne.

Our all-inclusive prices include fitting and balancing, new valves and weights, and removal of your old tyres for recycling. We can even do wheel alignments providing there is sufficient space around your car.

Go mobile today with Mobile Tyre Shop

At Mobile Tyre Shop, we make it easy to buy and fit new tyres, including spares. We also provide roadside assistance for those times that you have a flat tyre but don’t have a spare available. So if you need new tyres, make it easy on yourself and give the tyre fitting experts at Mobile Tyre Shop a call or request a free quote online.

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