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Wheel Alignment: Costs, Benefits And Information

For less than the cost of a single tyre, you can have a wheel alignment performed on all four wheels, greatly extending the life of your tyres and fuel consumption.

Wheel alignment is preventive maintenance overlooked by most people. Wheel alignment not only prevents your car from pulling to one side or the other, it significantly improves the life of your tyres. It can help keep you and your family safe as well as save money.

What is a Wheel Alignment Service?

Basically wheel alignment is simply adjusting the angles of your vehicles’ wheels so they are parallel to the other tyres and perpendicular to the ground.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment

Properly aligned tyres will not pull to either side of the road. Your vehicle will also drive more smoothly with tyres that are properly aligned. Properly aligned tyres achieve maximum traction on slippery surfaces which can be important when driving in less than ideal conditions.

How Often Should You Get Your Wheels Aligned?

It is highly recommended that you have an alignment every time you buy new tyres and checked every 10,000,- 15,000 kms. If your car is pulling to one side, the tyres are wearing unevenly, the vehicle is shimming or wandering, then you should have the vehicle checked immediately. Over time a vehicle will go out of alignment. Hitting a deep pothole can often throw a vehicle out of alignment as well.

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