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Worn Tyres Could Put You In Danger


Worn tyres need to be replaced as they can put yourself and your car in danger. One of the most common causes for car crashes in Australia is a defective vehicle, most of which is due to tyres not meeting minimum tread standard. In Australia, by law, the minimum tread on a car tyre must be 1.6mm but in Mobile Tyre Shop’s experience seeing cars below this legal limit is far too common.

You would ask though, how much does tread depth really make a difference? Through Australian research it can be said that when a vehicle is going 80km/h on a wet surface with only 1.6mm tread depth the vehicle will stop after 40 metres. On a vehicle with >7mm tread depth the stopping distance is only 26 metres. This could be the difference between stopping safely and having a car accident.

Not to mention the safety aspect of having worn tyres it can also leave your wallet feeling a lot lighter. Australian police can hand your car a defect notice too which can be a costly exercise.

If you’re concerned about the safety of your tyres it is important to check them yourself or by a trusted tyre expert such as Mobile Tyre Shop. If you do need them replaced allow us to do the hard work and deliver and fit your tyres at home, at work, anywhere.

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