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    Mobile Tyre Shops 5 Tips For Driving In Wet Weather

    Top 5 Tips For Driving In Wet Weather

    With wet weather to hit Australia’s east coast this week, we thought it would be time to write about the risks involved of having low tread tyres in our wet weather conditions and some tips for the week coming.

    • Stay alert on the road. Reaction time in wet weather is incredibly important as your braking distance increases.

    • Your reactions will need to be faster to prevent a collision.
    • Increase the distance between yourself and the car in front. Leaving a larger space means you will have a longer time to react to any collisions ahead.

    • Reduce your speed on wet weather roads. There is no legal requirement for this but Mobile Tyre Shop recommends using best judgement in wet conditions.

    • Invest in quality tyres. Braking distance can be up to 30% longer than when in wet weather conditions, having a lower tread tyre can increase this even more. It is important to check your cars tread to see if it is roadworthy, Mobile Tyre Shop recommends changing your tyres once they reach around 3mm left on their tread. Premium Tyre Brands can also help with stopping distance as seen in our other blog talking about premium brand tyres. If you drive frequently in rainy conditions, investing in good wet weather tyres is a good option.

    • Regular check-ups on headlights and windscreen wipers. Mobile Tyre Shop recommends checking your headlights once a month just to make sure they are still both working. Not being seen in wet weather can lead to a collision.

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