How to get the ideal tyre pressure for your car?

How to get the ideal tyre pressure for your car?

When it comes to tyres there is a whole range of things that factor into safety. From replacing your tyres regularly, to having the right tyres for wet and slippery conditions, to having the right tyre air pressure for your car. While Mobile Tyre Shop can help with the majority of these issues, offering the best brands at the best prices, installed by professional fitters wherever you are, the ideal tyre pressure is a safety factor you can take into your own hands. But how do you know what the ideal pressure is, and how do you achieve it?

What is the ideal tyre pressure for a car?

Without the ideal tyre pressure in each tyre of your car (including the spare) you face wearing the tread unevenly, your car may not handle to the best of its ability and you run the risk of overheating your tyres which can result in them failing unexpectedly. With lockdowns coming to an end, and many vehicles not having done long trips in a long time, it’s important to know the right tyre pressure for your car and ensure all tyres are at that PSI, as part of your regular maintenance before you hit the road. Your specific car’s ideal tyre pressure is often found in the owner’s manual or on a sticker located inside the driver’s side door. Tyre pressure for passenger cars is usually between 32 PSI and 35 PSI when the tyres are cold.

Different tyre pressure for different terrain

The ideal tyre pressure for your car can be harder to navigate when you are driving on different terrains. If the tyre pressure is too high, you are prone to popping a tyre, while if the pressure is too low you run the risk of the tyre coming off the rim. To achieve the best result and safest driving conditions, you should match both your tyres and PSI to the terrain you’re crossing.

Sand: Tyres like the Pirelli – Scorpion All Terrain Plus should have a tyre pressure of between 13 and 20 PSI depending on the type of sand, with softer sand requiring a lower PSI and more tightly packed sand requiring a higher PSI to travel safely across.

Rocks: When driving on rocky terrain, you risk bursting a tyre if your PSI is too high. While Mobile Tyre Shop can repair punctures wherever you are, it’s best to avoid having to halt your fun weekend activity to change a flat tyre. The ideal tyre pressure for rocky and crawling terrain is 16 PSI to 22 PSI.

Mud: For clay and muddy terrain, it’s important to have the correct tyre installed for the best possible experience. The BFGoodrich Mud Terrain is made for extreme off-road conditions, with incredible traction and sidewall protection. For muddy conditions, the ideal tyre pressure can range between 16 and 25 PSI depending on how rutted, clay based and slippery the terrain is.

How to ensure you have the ideal pressure in your tyres

Once you have a handle on what the ideal tyre pressure for your car, tyres and activity is, the next step is to achieve it.

This is as simple as:

1. Going to a service station that has an air pump and parking your car close to the hose.

2. Unscrewing the dust cap over the tyre valve.

3. Check the pressure reading on the pump by attaching the clasp of the lead to your tyre’s valve and looking at the digital readout, then setting your required PSI, after this, the pump will begin to fill your tyre with air.

4. Once your desired PSI is achieved, remove the clasp from your tyre’s valve and replace the dust cap.

 5. Fill all four tyres in this same way, as well as the spare so it’s ready in case of an emergency.


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