Why wait to have your tyres changed – have it done while you are at work

The week before Christmas is one of the busiest times of the year for tyre businesses as motorists prepare for the holiday season.

But getting your tyres changed can be time-consuming as you either have to wait while the job is done – usually on a work day – or get a lift from a friend/relative/partner/colleague and return a few hours later.

A practical and growing alternative is to utilise one of Australia’s fastest-growing companies, the Mobile Tyre Shop. Your tyres can be changed while you are at home, or even better, while you are at work. About 62% of Mobile Tyre Shop’s customers have their tyres fitted and balanced the day they book.

Because most of us have no idea what tyres we need on our vehicle, the Mobile tyre Shop’s call centre only needs your car’s registration number to understand what tyres the vehicle requires.  Consumers can also book online which is seeing a vast increase in the use of buy now, pay later services such as Afterpay, Open Pay and Zip Pay.

Mobile Tyre Shop is tyre agnostic so can replace a consumer’s tyres with the same brand or a different one if preferred. There is no pushing of a particular brand that may have been stockpiling and needs to be sold quickly.

Mobile Tyre Shop Founder and CEO Travis Osborne featured as a startup on the successful TV show Shark Tank in 2015 and the business has expanded considerably with growth of over 500% in the past two years.  Now servicing all Australian major capital cities, Mobile Tyre Shop expects its fleet of vans to double in the next 12 months.

Although in its relative infancy, Mr Osborne believes the mobile offer will have a major role to play in the coming years in the $5.4 billion a year industry.

“Society is becoming more and more convenience orientated. Look no further than the rise and rise of food delivery services or the growth of online fashion deliveries,” Mr Osborne said. “Even five years ago we would have had no idea how much these services would grow.

“Tyres tend to be a grudge purchase but coming up to this time of the year it is imperative that the safety of families is paramount and that means ensuring your tyres not only have tread but also have the right air pressure.

“The time it takes to replace and balance a set of tyres whether in store or on the road is pretty similar.  Our mobile technicians can replace and balance four tyres in around 45 minutes.”

Mobile Tyre Shop is Australia’s only tyre company with the combined forces of an online store together with its own mobile service. In Europe some countries are approaching 17% of tyre market share conducted online. Market research organisation NPD Group reports that online tyre sales grew 34% in the US in 2018, accounting for 21% of all automotive online spending.

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