6 Myths About Tyres [BUSTED]

There are a lot of misconceptions about tyres, perhaps we have been told by family members or a friend certain rules about tyres. Mobile Tyre Shop is here to help you out with the 6 most common myths and the truth or lies behind them.

  1. You don’t need to rotate your tyres

We have heard recently that there are rumours that you don’t need to rotate your tyres  when in fact rotating your tyres could save your life and protect your quality of tyres in the long run. Tyres wear differently depending on the car you drive and the location they are in. Rotating your tyres ensures that all the tyres on your vehicle wear out evenly , thus making your tyres last longer on the roads.

  1. Used tyres are all terrible

Used tyres can be a great investment if you know what you are looking for, Mobile Tyre Shop would never suggest using used tyres on your vehicle you use for daily driving but if you were looking to save a few dollars you could put one on your spare simply in the case you get a flat and need to go from the side of the road to home, where Mobile Tyre Shop can service your punctured/flat tyre.  Our advice is to check carefully for the year the tyres were made and any visible cuts and grazes as these could greatly effect the safety of the tyres. If you’re unsure, buy new.

  1. You rarely need to check your tyres

If you don’t regularly check your tyres you could be one of the most unsafe drivers on the road currently. Check your tyres regularly for punctures or deflation, if a tyre is deflated and you are driving on it it has the chance to blowout while driving.

  1. Over inflation can lead to a burst tyre

Tyres won’t explode if you over inflate them, it is almost impossible to do so. What you are to be aware of though is if you do overinflate them and hit a pothole or a rough bump in the road the tyre has more of a chance of a blowout.

  1. Tyres last forever

Just because you have not used a tyre and it has been sitting dormant in your spare tyre storage does not mean it will be as good as new when you pull it out. Tyres have a general life cycle of 5 years after that Mobile Tyre Shop recommends changing them to newer ones. If you believe you are holding some older tyres Mobile Tyre Shop will check your tyres for free when you become one of our happy customers.

  1. Always put new tyres on the front

This is a common myth Mobile Tyre Shop sees a lot. There is a half truth to this, it is important to have grippy tyres to assist with steering, as that is done through the front axle, it is also extremely important to make sure the rear tyres are in good condition too. Mobile Tyre Shop suggests that if any of your tyres are looking like they are coming to the end of their lifecycle then it would be best to change them, no point risking it!

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