What are Intelligent Tyres?

Are Intelligent Tyres The Future?

Experts say that the intelligent tyre market will grow from 0 units to 414 million within the next 8 years. But what are they?

Intelligent tyres are a brand new concept that can actually tell you useful information about your tyre through a small sensor, these include; traction, tread wear, temperature and load. The information from these sensors  can be used to help optimise the performance of your vehicle.

So how do these tyres differ from normal tyres?

The tyres will be near identical but with sensors spread out through the tyre as to assist in the system feedback.

Intelligent tyres are the way of the future and this is guaranteed by large car manufacturers to ensure lower CO2 emissions in the coming decade. Also, to assist drivers in their spend on fuel each year, having tyres that are fuel efficient are of keen interest to passenger vehicles and the interest of the driving public.

Benefits for you

Intelligent tyres will ultimately save you money on your vehicle, by being able to tell you exactly how much tread is left on each tyre, alongside if any of your tyres are over or under inflated will increase the longevity of your tyres. Furthermore, by having tyres that can tell you any safety risks ahead of time can ultimately make your vehicle safer and more reliable on the road.

Mobile Tyre Shop is looking forward to the release of intelligent tyres here in Australia and is eagerly anticipating the rollout from OE manufacturers.

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