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4WD Tyre pressures, what’s right for me?

Own a 4WD? This one’s for you!

Tyre pressures in 4WD are incredibly important, even more so than that on a sedan or hatchback. Air pressure in tyres affects your 4WD in different ways, Mobile Tyre Shop will go through the differences and how to avoid getting stuck in the sand!

Lowering air pressure

Lowering your air pressure in your 4WD is important for when driving off road. Traction is king when you’re planning to go off road, if your vehicle can’t gain traction then you won’t be going anywhere fast.

The idea behind lowering your air pressure when off-roading is that by letting down the tyre you are allowing the tyre to expand at the bottom, giving you more surface area of the tyre touching the ground. This makes a huge difference when off road and allows you to get through areas a fully inflated tyre could not.

Another great example of why you need to lower your tyre pressure is when you are heading into a muddy area off road. By extending the surface area that your tyre your vehicle is less likely to sink into the mud as the weight of your 4WD is more spread out.

Puncture Resistance when running a lower tyre pressure

Mobile Tyre Shop repairs punctures every day out on Melbourne roads, in 4WD however there are a few ways you can minimise the risk of getting a puncture when off-roading. Tyres that have a high pressure are more susceptible to punctures as the rubber has expanded on the tyre. However, if the tyre pressure is reduced it can then roll over sharper objects such as rocks without puncture.

So what is the right tyre pressure?

Tyre pressures depend on what type of terrain you are driving on and the conditions you are in. A general rule of thumb is that if you plan on driving fast then you should have a higher tyre pressure and if you are going slow and off roading/going over rough terrain then you should have a lower pressure.


What is a definite though is that if you are planning to go off road or are planning any major 4WD trips you need to ensure you have high quality tyres to match. Mobile Tyre Shop stocks every major brand of all terrain and 4WD tyres. Contact us today for a free quote on 1300 687 000 or www.MobileTyreShop.com.au

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